Case Studies

Meeting Planning

Rheumatology Summit in Barcelona, Spain

Patient Association Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • The planning and design of the summit were especially challenging insofar as several departments within our client’s company were involved in a variety of approaches to each of these segments
  • Once the program was finally designed to everyone’s satisfaction, we were asked if we could successfully execute within 2 months
  • Execution within 2 months was seamless as the result of rigorous planning and intense identification and discussions with key stakeholders in the process
  • The involvement of patient advocates was greatly appreciated by all participants, as it intensified our focus on the primary goal of all health care practitioners: optimal patient care
  • Our client effectively underscored their longstanding commitment to patient care, leveraging the extensive history of the product's safety and successful therapy
  • Our client also gained valuable insights into each touch point of the patient care process, thereby assisting in the design of a multitude of targeted follow-up initiatives to assist all members of the health care team, including patients
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